We do export all over the world, and in some countries, such eg Australia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden we sell through established distributors. However, in countries where we do not have a distributor we can sell to trade customers direct via Business to Business websites including Faire, Ankorstore and Orderchamp.

If you would like to check whether we have a local distributor please email us on [email protected]

If you would like to check out our shopfronts at Faire, Ankorstore and Orderchamp please use the links below:


Sign up with Faire for the first time and you’ll get a huge 300£/Euros (or $200 for US/Canada customers) off your first order, as well as free shipping for a year and 60 day payment terms. No contract, no commitment. Just follow the link and once you’ve signed up and placed your first order you will automatically get the new customer discount as long as its the first time you’ve ordered from anyone on Faire.


Customers new to Ankorstore can claim 100 $/£/Euros off their first order on the Ankorstore website, as well as their 60 day payment terms. To claim your new customer discount follow the link below and use code LIFT-ZRCHHBHP at checkout.


Orderchamp offer payment at 30 or 60 days, and if you are new to the Orderchamp website and register using the link below you will get 200 Euros off your first order through them: